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Lynn Nottage

One of the kitchen staff, the mouthy and tender-hearted Letitia (played by a dazzlingly charismatic and funny Nedra Snipes), says, “You have to fight to protect your freedom” — haunted by how easy it would be to backslide and end up in jail once again...



Steve Feeney

"Nedra Snipes plays Percy, a sort of refugee from a dangerous South who finds herself teaching three Black students in rural Maine under the watchful and lecherous eye of a corrupt white “Judge,”...Snipes is charismatic in her role, inhabiting her character’s clear-eyed determination and strong sense of right and wrong. Percy’s tentative friendship/romance with handyman Moss, played by William Oliver Watkins, finds both of them seizing the opportunity to connect on a human level in some of the play’s more touching moments.


Elizabeth Young

…features acapella singing by Nedra Snipes who has an amazing singing voice that resonates heartfelt emotion. The stage chemistry and dynamics between Tenisi Davis and Nedra Snipes is believable and moving. Their facial expressions and mannerisms are authentic and draw the audience in to their feelings.”


Nathan Alston

Most notably is Nedra R. Snipes, who plays the role of Undine with strength and ease. At first, the character seems unlikable and over-the-top but Snipes does a wonderful job portraying the characters journey from cocky confidence to exposed fragility. Snipes handles Nottage’s script with grace and is able to truly connect with the audience during the character’s lengthy asides. She dominates the stage and is definitely a young actress with a great deal of talent"


Veronique MacRae

"TW Starnes lighting design smoothly coincides with the mood of the play and sets the atmosphere to transport viewers into the traveling journeys and tragic story of Saartjie Baartman (Nedra R. Snipes). Snipes delivers a dynamically moving powerhouse performance as Miss Saartje Baartman/The Venus Hottentot as she invites the audience to experience the pains of a woman who was given false hope, objectified and degraded for the anatomical features of her body.


Michelle Hill

"Nedra Snipes (Lady in Orange) delivers a powerful performance as she portrays a woman struggling with the right to own her emotions.


Lauren Honeycutt

The title character of Aida is played by Howard University student Nedra Ryan-Taylor Snipes, whose soulful voice is especially poignant during the heart-wrenching reprise of “Elaborate Lives.”


Allison Plamondon

Before The Classical Theatre of Harlem’s Antigone even begins, these familiar images of mourning and protest make clear the relevance and importance of this powerful play. Written by Sophocles around 41 BC, this cautionary tragedy of justice, resistance and hubris is a play for today."


Nina Burris

"Nedra Snipes was able to effectively communicate her character’s devotion to her beloved with an exaggerated sigh at the first mention of the “young Florentine called Claudio”. Snipes’s repeated sighs contributed to the comedy of the first scene, but also established Hero’s innocence and fidelity before Borachio and Don John introduced their scheme to defame her.

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